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Don’t wait for the signs that say your dog is run down, provide support today. Young or Old, it is essential to Good Health that the Digestive System is working properly in order that your Best Friend benefits from the food and supplements you provide. Carob-Plus Prebiotic Digestive Supplement encourages the growth of the “natural bacteria” in the lower intestine, which aids the absorption of nutrients into the body. It also helps create a regular and healthy bowel movement.
Like us, it is the Immune System that protects a dog against most ailments, so it must work to its full potential for your Best Friend to be “Fighting Fit”. There are two aspects to the immune system, the “innate” which is non-specific, meaning it is designed to keep everything out, in the case of a dog that is the skin and the “adaptive” which protects the body against foreign invaders (disease). Carob-Plus Immune System Supplements provides herbs and minerals, not normally in the diet, which are known to boost the effectiveness of the adaptive immune system and Carob-Plus Skin & Coat Supplement which promotes a healthy, supple skin and shiny coat to ensure your dog not only Feels Good but Looks Good.

As your best friend gets older, joints may become stiffer and a lack of mobility can creep in. Unfortunately, even at a young age joints can stiffen and become less flexible, causing a lack of mobility. Larger dogs in particular can loose their agility and flexibility of youth at an early age and exercise can be a drudge rather than a joy. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Omega 3 are known to have a beneficial effect and can reduce the problem. Carob-Plus Joint & Mobility Supplement combines these ingredients with herbs that also benefit such conditions and together provide a very effective way of easing stiffness and improving flexibility to put a “Spring in the Step”.

Strong and healthy bones and teeth are crucial whatever the age but there are many reasons why that is not the case, causing a gradual weakening that may go unnoticed. Everybody knows about the need for calcium but there are many other minerals including Phosphorus, Magnesium, Boron and many vitamins such as Niacin and others that are fundamental in the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.

Pet Supplements from Carob-Plus

Even when everything is in good order, without contentment that tail just will not wag. Whilst most dogs live in a happy and secure environment, loved, pampered and relaxed, hence the phrase “it’s a dog’s life”, there are occasions when that is not the case. Bonfire night, a car backfiring, thunder and lightening, separation anxiety when left on their own or in unfamiliar surroundings can all result in tense, nervous, agitated, even aggressive behaviour. Carob-Plus Stress Relief Supplement contains herbs, like Chamomile, Valerian, Scullcap and others to provide natural relief under such circumstances.

So with Carob-Plus Supplement for Dogs “it’s not just a Dog’s Life” but a “Fighting Fit and Full of Fun Dog’s Life”.

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