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The Furbo Dog Camera Changed My Older Dog’s Life, Here’s How

New research recently revealed that we spend the most on our dogs when they are puppies or in their senior years, which makes sense really.

When our dogs are young, we try to find out what our puppies like/dislike to make them happy – and of course, the teething stage means we have to replace beds, toys, and more, multiple times, and when a dog enters their senior years, I think we’re more determined than ever to make each day special.

Or that’s how I see it.


My oldest dog is 12 now and over the last couple of years, her mobility has slowed her down, her teeth and gums are more sensitive so hard chews are not really a suitable treat option any more and she’s never been one to play.

But she loves food and when we first got her a Furbo treat tossing dog camera, it changed her life.

Here’s why.


It brings unpredictability to her day.

She never knows when the jingle to let her know treats are being dispensed might ring out, so she is more alert because heaven forbid another dog gets any.


When we’re away from home, it makes us feel like we’re never too far away from being connected with her. Something that’s more important than ever these days.

The Furbo app, which you use to dispense treats, is simple to use and works off wifi.


The app also lets you save your memories, letting you take videos and photos, and gives you the option to personalise what your dog hears when treats are dispensed.

The two-way mic and speaker also means you can talk to them while away from home. They can hear you and you can hear them.


It keeps her active.

Over the last six months, her hearing has started to fade and she relies on my other dogs to let her know when they hear my personalised ‘who wants a biscuit?’ jingle.


However, even though she no longer hears like she once did, her desire to get to the dog camera for the treats before anyone else is still as strong as ever – and she will barge anyone out of her way if need be (she’s always been focused and single-minded).

The concept of a dog treat cam may seem like a novelty in some ways, but quite honestly, we wouldn’t be without one. It has without a doubt made my dog’s days brighter.

The article is sponsored by Furbo Dog Camera.

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