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Do Older Dogs Lose Their Teeth?

A reader question that we thought worthy of public reply on the subject of dog teeth in older dogs, specifically whether dogs – like some humans – lose their teeth as they get older.

Ashley Farnsfield asks us: Do older dogs lose their teeth in the same way humans do?

A) Well, in all honesty Ashley, older humans shouldn’t necessarily lose their teeth as a matter of course. Good canine oral care, just like good human oral hygiene can avoid problems for your canine’s canines.

Excessive tartar build up is the enemy for your dog’s teeth as it creates a bacterial climate whereby destructive agents invade the gum and bone surfaces, causing damage or destruction to both, and eventual tooth loss in some dogs.

Machines such as the cavitron have been used with some success in removing excess tartar from a dog’s teeth.

Once the dog has bitten down on a piece of food, the outer surfaces are not utilized very much so most of the tartar forms on the outside of the teeth. The inner surfaces are being stimulated more by the action of chewing and therefore remain cleaner.

Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy is a whole of life task. As your dog gets older they’ll certainly appreciate the benefit of having healthy teeth and gums as a result of the care you invest in their oral health from their earliest years.

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