Deer Velvet from Velvet Energy Review

Deer Velvet from Velvet Energy

Deer Velvet is a powerful natural supplement with a comprehensive nutritional profile and can help promote health and vitality in dogs of all ages. When deer shed their antlers on a yearly basis they regrow with a soft velvet like covering. The antlers are removed before they calcify, according to a strict code of practice, and ground into a fine powder which is then processed for use as a supplement. The Velvet is graded according to its nutritional content and ready for use. Velvet energy only supplies premium grade velvet which has been approved by the New Zealand Game Board for animal welfare.

There is strong anecdotal, as well as scientific evidence from Montreal University, that giving dogs deer velvet can help promote health and vitality, alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and help combat the effects of old age. 80% of vets in New Zealand recommend feeding velvet.

Here are some of the reviews from owners of dogs who have tried Deer Energy…

“Our eleven year old Alsatian has been given a new life since we gave him Deer Velvet. Age had caught up with his active antics. Since being given Deer Velvet he plays like a puppy again.” (May Corrigan)

Velvet helps optimize the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and improves the circulation which is vital for eliminating toxins from the body. The animal’s healthy condition is reflected in their coat which tends to become soft and shiny.

“After a week of giving my dogs velvet they were bouncing out of their skins. They are not old but I felt they were in need of a boost and there is no doubt that velvet has given them that boost.”(Louise Nicholson)

Containing a unique type of absorbable glucomsamine, chrondroitin sulphate and two types of collagen velvet has also been used to help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis in dogs. Deer Velvet’s capacity to re-generate makes it unique and it is known as an adaptagen which means the animal will naturally draw on elements that are lacking in their diet to help stay in top condition.

“My son’s terrier had very bad arthritis in his back legs and had to be carried everywhere. Thanks to velvet he can now walk again.” (Mrs Dowrick)

The growing popularity of deer velvet among dog owners in the UK is testament to its effectiveness and it is fast becoming the supplement of choice for healthy and happy dogs of all ages.

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