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Caring For Your Older Dog

As an older dog owner Andrea Banks is fully aware of the large costs that can occur during the care for them. She explained to as part of Financing Fido Month how her money saving skills give her dog, Meg, the best of everything.

My Border Collie, Meg is 17 years of age and like many dogs her age, she needs some extra dietary supplements and regular hygiene care.  My first and foremost suggestion for anyone owning an older dog would be to ensure that you are covered by pet insurance and one that is trust worthy. A little trip to the vests can turn from £100- £1000’s within minutes.

Meg suffered with Pyometra which is a common disease is affecting the Uterus, found in female dogs of an elder age. If it is not treated quickly then the condition can become severely worse and unfortunately lead to death. Unfortunately Meg’s case was quite ghastly and she had to have an emergency operation straight away. Two trips to the vets totaled to a costly bill that was way over £1000. Hence why I mentioned pet insurance at the top of this feature.

When it comes to the most obvious requirement, pet food it is fairly simple. I buy online and in bulk, this is a cost effective way of stocking up on food as it is far cheaper than the supermarkets. As I need to ensure Meg maintains healthy teeth and gums, I give her dental chews twice a week which obviously cost more than a standard chew so yet again I but online rather than the marked up supermarket prices.

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As most pet lovers will be aware, Border Collie’s suffer with their joints and bones towards the later stage of life. I add Joint Aid to Meg’s food aswell as a few cooked vegetables now and again to aid with a shiny, healthy coat. There is an endless supply of supplements and dog vitamins out there but I think a few things can be substituted, which is the primary reason I choose to add vegetables.

My dog is unfortunately getting to the stage where she is a little lazy with caring for herself and hygiene rules have declines. Therefore she needs regular bathing and grooming sessions. Once a month, Meg visits our local grooming parlour for the full works which I must say is quite amazing. She comes out looking young and fluffy and smells a treat. However this can get quite costly at £40 a visit, so between sessions I bath her myself using Johnson baby shampoo instead of the expensive dog shampoo that is available from most pet suppliers. The shampoo is gentle and kind to the skin making it dog friendly in my eyes.

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The last added cost that I have experienced is kennel fees. If you are one for taking regular holidays (like me) make sure you have worked these into your budget as it can be a costly affair. Do your research and see which kennels offer value for money, it might be that they offer one nigh free or do not charge extra for the cost of food.

If you are lucky enough to have friends and family that you can leave your dog with, then you are onto a winner as this cuts costs completely.

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