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This Black Friday Deal for Older Dogs Is a Cracker – Because My Dog Says So

Black Friday is nearly upon us and we’ve been scouring the internet to find some of the best deals for older dogs.

We’ll update this article as we find more, but in the meantime, here’s the best offer we’ve found so far – get an extra £50 off the Furbo dog camera using the coupon code below.

Last month we told you why we loved this dog camera, so we were so excited to share this discount with you. The Furbo really has been life-changing for Mia, pictured below, who turns 13 in January.


As anyone with an older dog knows, it’s important to look for new ways to enrich our dogs’ lives because what was once the best way to get them motivated – a long walk, for example – might not be possible anymore, so we have to find new things to try and new ways to keep them active and alert.


For us, the Furbo has done just that. It keeps Mia alert. She knows where it ‘lives’. She knows when we ‘call in’ and when she hears the telltale personalised message, she knows that means treats will be dispensed soon.

She also knows how to come from the back to elbow our other (bigger) dogs out of the way to gobble the treats up.


Her life would frankly be duller without it and it’s because of this that we really think it’s something you should consider – especially when you can grab yourself a bargain with an extra £50 off by copying the unique code below!

Use coupon code ‘olderdogs149’ and visit here to read more and get your hands on a great deal this month.

This Black Friday offer has been brought to you by Furbo Dog Camera.

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