We Love Older Dogs!

older dog We Love Older Dogs!There’s only one downside to dogs…they grow old, much, much too fast!

Here at OlderDogs.co.uk our aim is simple: to help you provide the best care possible for your senior dog.

On the site we’ve got you covered with advice and tips sourced from experts and accredited professionals who will help guide you through topics such as:

  • Health care for older dogs
  • Diet and nutrition best practices for your dog’s lifestage
  • Behaviour and training tips for the senior dog
  • Exercise and fitness advice for dogs as they get older
  • Useful products and services that can enhance the life of your older dog
  • & much, much more!

Just because your dog is getting on in years it’s worth remembering, he’s still a puppy at heart! Sure, he may be a bit slower on his feet and he may be less able to run the length of a football field the way he once did, but mentally his approach to life is not too much different from when he was a six-month old bundle of energy and fun.

Caring For An Older Dog: Important Reading

For senior dogs we recognise the need to make small adjustments to their lifestyle based on their breed, life-stage and individual personality. The following guides can assist in making decisions about diet, health, physical fitness and behaviour for owners of older dogs. As our dogs age, it’s important to increase dialogue with our veterinarian. Picking up on early stage changes can not only save lives, it can extend them considerably.


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